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  President Trump Holds News Conference on Coronavirus  CSPAN  February 26, 2020 8:52pm-9:02pm EST

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yourself. and make up your own mind. it was cspan, campaign 2020. grantee is a public service by your television provider. president trump says americans and coronavirus the risk to them is very low. in charge of the u.s. response to the virus, the wall street journal writes capitol hill leaders in both parties, has said they would seek billions of dollars in emergency spending the other 2.5 million president trump has proposed. press conference at, here is the president answering questions from reporters. >> the cdc said yesterday that the virus will spread to the united states. it's not a question of if but when. do you agree with that. summa i don't think it's inevitable. and probably will impossibly well. it could be at a very small level or larger level. whatever happens, we are here.
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we have the best people in the world. you see that from the study. we have the best prepared people, the best people in the world. congress is willing to give us much more than we think been asking for. size. but we are totally ready willing and able to, the term that we use, ready willing and able. it will be very well under control. it may get bigger and make it a little bigger or may not get bigger know. we will see what happens. but regardless, we are totally repaired prepared. [inaudible]. >> i am the president of the united states, i am not the president of other countries. other countries, have risk that is very respected and what they do in terms of what we are talking about. but i really want to be responsible for this country if it means placing very strong
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situations on the borders, some people can't come into our country from a country that is infected, we will do that. we've already done it. but we have to focus on this country. i don't think it's right to impose ourselves and others but if others aren't taking care of what we think there doing incorrectly, we have terrific people here pretty cdc just for him to help other countries give them recommendations as to what to do. but they're working on their countries and we are working in our country. and so far, it's worked out very well. >> can you clarify, are you considering restricting travel to and from south korea, italy and other countries that have been infected. cement right now is not the right time, but at the right time we are taking people as they come through specifically for the problems. so we are checking a lot of people is there coming from south korea has been hit pretty
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hard. inlay is too. and china is obviously happened in china. the numbers seem to be leveling off and going down in china. that is very good news. we will see what happens. >> running point on the coronavirus, secretary alex azar said they didn't think they would. and you hate your have been downplaying this . cement he is in the. but having everybody report to mike and is been very good and adept and anybody knows anything about healthcare, they look at the indiana model has been a very great success. it's been a tremendous model in terms of healthcare and this is really an offshoot of that. so this is part of the administration, azar. but i'm having them report to mike and michael reports me. and they will also report in some cases to both. i'll be going to meeting quite a bit depending on what message we want to get out. we have done a really
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extraordinary job. we'll look at a country the size of so many people pouring in, number one for people coming into the world, and we have a total of 15 cases, many of which within a day i will tell you that most of whom are fully recovered. i think that is really a pretty impressive mark pretty we did taken 40 people that were americans there also recovery but we brought them in so i have that is a different group. but we felt we had an obligation to american citizens to american people outside of the country that were trying to get back in. it. >> the stock market has taken a big hit over the last few days. what can you do about that and if the cdc, if they saint the spread is inevitable. are you going to deal with the stock market issues for some time to come. >> i think maybe for two reasons, i think they look at the people who are much debating last night and they're saying if there's even a possibility that
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could happen. i think really takes a hit because of that. and so much it took him because of this. i understand that also because of change and various other things pretty people coming in. i think the stock market will recover. the economy is very strong in the consumers in this strongest than it's ever been. that is why we are doing well in other countries have not even before the virus. and her consumers are very strong. very powerful economically. >> any plans quarantining cities like in china . won't have to happen. >> we do have plans on a much larger scale should be need that. we were thing working with states, virtually every state. when you have plans on a larger scale. we don't think we'll need it but you always have to be prepared. and again congress is talking to us about funding. getting far more than what we ask for . on against the best thing to do is to take it.
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we will take it. >> willing to give congress. [inaudible]. >> we are working with the states, the states are working very hard. hospitals are making rooms available in their billing quarantined areas. areas you you can keep people. were working very well with the states. this is a big part of it. my attitude is if congress was to give us the money so easy, we will take. if they want to give us the money, we will take it. we'll just do a good job with it. >> mr. president, masks and so forth equipment, if so what is the u.s. doing to get the production going. cement we may not need it you understand that. but in case, we are looking at worst case scenarios, were going to be set very quickly. but i think we will ever be anywhere near that.
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the borders are very controlled, collected from certain areas that were talking about a very controlled. i don't think will ever be anywhere near that. >> that to the stock market. travel related stock. what would you say do americans out there who are right now, looking forward to the summer the upcoming months and saying to themselves, should i make myself other plans pretty shy travel. >> we hope that it will be in good shape by that time. they're going to have to be a little bit flexible. i would say travel related things, certainly they can be hurt but same time, this is going to end it. hopefully will be sooner rather than later. i think the loss will be picked up at a later date. but right now, probably not going to be going to china. probably not going to be going to certain countries with the problem is far greater than it
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is in the united states. what is going to do is keep people home. they're going to travel to places that we have. with the greatest, tourism country in the world. so instead of leaving our country, just to hear. you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down too close to zero. that is a pretty good job. ... ... ...
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democratic and republican members of the house armed services committee over the pentagon plan to devote $3.8 billion to construct more border wall. the pentagon is asking congress to approve a 705 billion-dollar budget for fiscal year 2021. this hearing is three hours 35 minutes. >> we will go ahead and call the committee to order. good morning, everyone. we are gathered here this morning from secretary of defense doctor mark esper and chairman joint chiefs of staff general to hear about the proposal for the department of defense. i will start with some good news or start by thanking the witnesses for being here and further service to the country. both served their country in various capacities for a long time,ot